Salman Suhail
Equal parts introverted and extroverted. Love to be outdoors, aspire to read more, and not easily offended.

Hi! I'm Salman Suhail, a senior product manager at Slack, where I am responsible for the developer experience for anyone building bots, applications, and integrations on top of the slack platform. Previously, I was a member of the product leadership team at Opower (acquired by Oracle in 2016), where I led the product strategy and development for the suite of customer engagement products.

I specialize in working with teams to facilitate the product design and development lifecycle from ideation, implementation, marketing to product launch and growth. I have an acute fascination with systems, both as they relate to software as well as organizations; And nothing makes me happier than working with amazing people and building products that impact the lives of thousands of people.

In my spare time I love creating new things through code, music, or art, exploring the outdoors by foot or by bike, and finding new shortcuts (or long cuts) to get to work. You can find me posting to my sketchbook, follow me on instagram, or posting to my blog.

Speaking Engagements

I speak on a wide range of subjects from product management, product strategy, organizational development, system design for technical and non-technical individuals, and work / life management strategies. If you would like more information regarding a speaking engagement, quote, or interview please get in touch.

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